1-2 year old female Samoyed cross Shepherd available for adoption

Ren is a 1-2 year old female Samoyed cross Shepherd. She was brought into the shelter by the dog warden who had found her roaming as a stray. She had no microchip and was later signed over to the municipal pound for rehoming. Ren is adored by all of the volunteers at the pound due to her balanced, loving, and friendly temperament. She is very clever and adores being in the company of people.

She’s sociable with both humans and other dogs, and her best friend in the pound is Bim, who she could play with for hours, but she is slightly more people-oriented. Ren is extremely loyal and just wants to please people. She is constantly giving eye contact and looking to the volunteers for direction, reassurance, and guidance, and she will do really well with some basic training in a home setting.

She picks new things up really quickly and is so eager to learn. She has also responded really well to lead training and now walks really well when out and about. Unfortunately, the pound environment does offer Ren half as much exercise and stimulation as she truly needs, and she is looking for a home that enjoys an active lifestyle. She would love to be outdoors more, getting the opportunity to explore and investigate nature, and she certainly has the stamina to keep up on long hikes.

She doesn’t tire easily and is always enthusiastic about getting go outside. She would also love a home based in a semi-rural location with access to her own garden. Ren has not been tested with cats but is good with other dogs and friendly with children. We’d be comfortably homing her with kids aged 6+ and she can be homed alongside male or female dogs, she seems quite happy with both in the shelter.

That said, she is also a confident and self-assured dog who doesn’t rely on the company of other pups, so she can be adopted as the only dog in the household too. Ren will thrive in an environment where her family is keen to involve her in their outdoor activities, and are eager to continue her training – she would really enjoy both of these things. She will make a wonderful family dog and will thrive in a loving environment. Ren is currently based in Cyprus and has a clean bill of health. She is ready to travel once she finds her forever home.

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