1-2 year old male Cross-Breed available for adoption

Archie is a 1-2 year old male Cross-Breed. He is very large sized old tripaw (he only has 3 legs). He arrived with us as a puppy, direct from a shelter, with a very badly deformed back leg, which due to his size was causing problems with his other legs and as his bones we not properly developed was in danger of it causing lasting damage to his 3 other legs.

The decision was made to amputate this deformed leg and the good news is that by limiting his exercise and keeping him on the lean side for whilst he finished growing we have managed to get his remaining legs straight again and now have him walking on his feet as opposed to his wrists and hock.

(Hock in the singular as he only has one back leg following his amputation). The only thing that gives away that he has ever had any issues is that his feet have become very splayed and he walks what can only be described as flat footed.

As much as it will break my heart to see him leave, Archie is now finally ready to go to a forever home. He is house and crate trained, walks on a lead when he knows you, travels beautifully in the car, loves everyone he meets and is great with other dogs and as an added bonus has the most amazing tail you will ever see on a dog, that never stops wagging.

Archie is still just a big baby and is always on his back looking for tummy tickles and loves to hold your hand in his mouth, but never exerts any pressure. He loves fuss and cuddles and doesn’t realise he’s too big to sit in your knee. Archie will always be limited to the distances he can walk due to his size and the fact he only has 3 legs, but he is fine to go for short walks.

Because of this we are looking for a home with direct access to a large secure garden where he can have his wonky zoomies and lay outside and watch the world go by as he loves to be outside laid in his raised bed. He loves everything normal dogs love and adores people more than anything in the whole wide world.

He can have a sensitive tummy and I have been feeding him totally grain and pulse free, but am going to try moving him onto raw to see if this helps further. He can live alone or with other non-dominating dogs (as he’s a total wuss despite his size), but ideally he’d have someone home most of the day as he loves human company. One absolute must is that there are no steps he will have to manage as he is all gangly puppy legs and would not be coordinated enough to manage them and he’s too big to be carried.

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