1 year old male Belgian Shepherd available for adoption

Ed is a 1 year old male Belgian Shepherd. He was another victim of human neglect, someone obviously bough him as a puppy and treated him as an ornament, as a result he had had little exposure to anything and no training, he was picked up as a stray, very timid and afraid, and unsurprisingly, nobody came to claim him.

Ed was scared of his own shadow when he arrived with us, but since having a pack to learn from, he has gained confidence, perhaps too much, and now he needs to start his education! He has been castrated fully vaccinated, microchipped de flea and wormed.

Ed is now confident around people although he will need a very gentle approach, but we now feel he is ready to find a forever home that will let him be a pet, he is not suitable for a working lifestyle as he just finds pressure too scary, but he will make someone an absolutely gorgeous pet, and I’m sure once he is settled he may feel confident learning new things such as scent work etc.

Ed is basically a blank canvas for his adopters to make into the perfect little lad we know is in there! Since joining us Ed has already come on in leaps and bounds and has much better manners around other dogs, he is an absolute gift for someone that wants to train a dog to do a job, as he is so eager to learn.

Ed is looking for an adult only home, that is committed to taking the time to bond and build a relationship with him, and to train him, he is not suitable to live with children due to his timid nature, Ed is not at all aggressive but would run and hide if frightened.

Ed loves to play with other dogs so a calm confident dog would suit him well, equally he could be the only dog with someone around alot of the time. Ed walks lovely on the lead, and has great recall offlead however we have only ever done this in a secure field with other dogs. Ed travels well in the car and is a really sweet lad. Ed loves to run and loves to play with toys and a ball, he also absolutely loves to get messy!

Ed has great recall and is really eager to learn and please. He will make a fantastic dog for someone prepared to put in the time and training. Ed is non-destructive, house trained and happy to be left for short periods. Ed is a gorgeous happy, active little lad that would walk to the end of the earth for his human, he desperately needs a forever family to grow up with.

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