1 year old male Cross-Breed available for adoption

Raccoon is a 1 year old male Cross-Breed. He is now known as Rocky, and he is looking for a special home with someone who can give him the time and dedication he needs. City life does not suit him and he is ideally looking for an adult-only home in a rural setting and a big garden to play in.

Raccoon is an excellent, intelligent young man! An absolute loving sweetheart to his family. He is super cuddly and very playful. He loves to play with his squeaky ball and chews his own toys.

When he arrived it was very obvious he’d never been on a lead, or even in a house before. His fosterer has worked very hard with the basics and he has come such a long way! Raccoon is toilet trained and will happily sleep in his bed through the night. He is a great alarm clock and will wake you up with a paw scratch on the bedroom door.

He is learning impulse control in the house (he sits and waits for his dinner) and has shown no food aggression. He walks on a harness and will heel for a treat. His fosterer has started working on recall in quiet locations.

Raccoon gets on well with other dogs. His ideal home would have a confident resident dog that could help him continue growing. Despite steps in the right direction, Raccoon has a deep fear of strangers and tends to air snap when anyone gets in his space or tries to pet him.

His mouthing/air snapping was getting better by giving him space and asking people not to pet him, but as with summer in a busy town, it’s been nearly impossible to manage when out and about. He can lunge at passers-by, motorbikes, and cyclists when overstimulated.
Unfortunately, this has led to him biting as a result of this fear and his strong guarding instinct, for safety he is now wearing a muzzle whilst out on walks.

Raccoon also has strong herding tendencies and actively seeks out other dogs/fixates on walks – his intentions are just to say hello and he’s very friendly to other dogs, but further training will be important to help him with this. The raccoon would really thrive with a quieter environment with someone who is home most of the time.

They would also have experience in dealing with guarding issues and bite history, and the patience to continue their behavioral training. He is neutered and is currently on anti-anxiety medication to try and help with his reactivity. His current fosters are willing to make sure slow and correct introductions are made for Raccoon and will work with the Biggies to make sure his next home is the right environment for him. He is currently in Brighton.

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