1 year old male Labrador available for adoption

Hugo is a 1 year old male black Labrador. He was born blind and has had a good start in life and his rehoming is in his best interest and not an easy decision by his owners. He was in a family with several children and a very large garden and his litter mate brother. The combination of these was something Hugo found very stressful.

He is looking for a calm quiet home that can embrace his Labrador bounce and understand that his lifestyle will need a few adaptations. An adult home or possibly with older teenagers so that they can understand why things have to be done a certain way. His hearing is oversensitive as he compensates for his lack of sight and so currently can be vocal when he hears certain noises.

This has greatly improved in the weeks he has been with us and will continue with time. He could live with another dog and that could then help him to learn new things but only if that dog is a confident well-mannered dog.

Even though Hugo cannot see, once he has mapped out his surroundings you would never know! He is incredibly strong on a lead and will need to continue his leadership training he can jump up and be quite boisterous, so this must be taken into consideration when applying. He is a beautiful dog and with time and patience will be amazing.

As we feel he will need you to visit several times you would need to be within one hour of traveling from our rescue. He is neutered and vaccinated and a home check will be carried out, in a safe secure garden.

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For further details about adopting a dog from K9interventions in Weston, Hertfordshire please email k9interventions@gmail.com or call and leave a message on 01462 790844 or 07904560583

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