10 Best Toys for Labs in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

So, you have a beautiful Labrador Retriever, and you need to expand your toy fortress. There are a lot of great options on the web to choose from. You can get a dog toy in just about any material or design you can think of.

But if you are just hunting for a quick, easy-to-buy dog toy with no hassle, we rounded up 10 of the best ones we found crawling on the web. Here are our reviews.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites of 2022

The 10 Best Toys for Labs Are:

1. Frisco Hide and Seek Plush Trash Can — Best Overall

Frisco Hide and Seek Plush Trash Can

Toy Type: Puzzle
Material: Plush, plastic
Durability: Strong

If your lab loves a good challenge, we think that you will adore the Frisco Hide and Seek Plush Trash Can Puzzle Dog Toy. It’s the best overall toy for Labrador Retrievers because it’s a load of fun for owners and pups alike.

It is an adorable, durable toy that will keep your pup entertained for hours. You can play with your dog or let them occupy themselves. But don’t be surprised when you have to put back all the pieces so they can try again!

This little puzzle comes with three tiny raccoons that may or may not get lost. This product is very well made but might not be for you if you have trouble keeping track of small parts. But luckily, you can buy replacement raccoons to refill as needed. So, you can keep reusing the primary piece time after time.

However, these accessories are not machine washable. If your dog gets them all slobbery and gross—you must hand-wash only.

Otherwise, this toy is a blast, and we love the overall design. Since this stimulates the mind and body, we like it the best.

  • Mental and physical stimulation
  • Refill pieces available
  • Promotes interactive play

2. ChuckIt! Ultra Ball – Best Value

ChuckIt! Ultra Ball

Toy Type: Ball
Material: Rubber
Durability: Strong

We bet that your lab really loves the chase. If you want to spend a little for a lot of entertainment, check out the ChuckIt! Ultra Ball two-pack—we think it’s the best toy for Labrador Retrievers for the money.

These balls are really long-lasting, even if you have a pretty heavy chewer on your hands. We ask that you pay attention to the size and buy accordingly to prevent lodging.

These virtually indestructible little play balls go a long way—bouncing to extraordinary heights and launching a challenging distance. It’s also compatible with the ChuckIt! Ball Launcher if your arm could use a break.

These toys are inexpensive, and we think it’s a real steal. The quality quickly makes up for the price making it our favorite ball for the price.

  • Durable
  • Aerodynamic
  • Affordable

3. DURABLES Kim Koala – Premium Choice


Toy Type: Squeaker
Material: Fabric
Durability: High

If your lab seems to rip apart every toy you bring home within minutes, you might want to try the DURABLES Kim Koala toy. It is designed for those rowdy canines. This squeaker has a terrific, smart design that prevents easy ripping, and we think it’s worth a little extra.

This fabric is incredibly gentle on the teeth but so durable that your Lab will have met its match. It also comes with a squeaker inside to entice play. We really were impressed with the composition. It had tight stitching that seemed exceptionally long-lasting.

We let some pretty rough pups play with it, and it came out without a scratch. This is a great solution if your dog can’t get enough of squeaker toys but rips them up in minutes.

Did we mention it’s easy to wipe off and keep clean? Even though it’s pricey, we think it’s worth it for the right lab.

  • Made to withstand heavy chewing
  • Durable, well-stitched fabric
  • Adorable designs

4. Frisco Plush Rope Bundle — Best for Puppies

Frisco Plush Rope Bundle

Toy Type: Mixed
Material: Rope, fabric
Durability: Moderate

If you have a new puppy, they’re probably going to want to play with everything in sight. Buying a bag of mixed toy items can help you pinpoint your Lab’s favorites. So, we think that you’ll love the Frisco Plush Rope Bundle.

You’ll find a plush giraffe and a monkey with a bone, ball, and two rope toys inside. This little bundle has a perfect variety of toys to test your puppy’s preferences and destruction level. Some dogs will rip right in while others are gentler with their toys. In the future, you can buy more of what they like.

Each piece is moderately durable, ideal for this life stage. You get quite a bang for your buck.

We don’t recommend this product for adult Labs unless they are non-destructive. These toys would be too small for most full-grown pooches. But it’s a great starter that will last you and your puppy for months to come.

  • Good value
  • Variety of toy types
  • Perfect for puppies

5. Frisco Plush with Rope Monkey Toy — Great for Multi Dog Households

Frisco Plush with Rope Monkey Toy

Toy Type: Squeaker
Material: Rope, plush fabric
Durability: Moderate

The Frisco Plush with Rope Monkey Toy is an excellent option for rowdy pups. It is a perfectly interactive, easy game you can play with your pup in your downtime. It has ropes on both ends with a plushy middle.

This toy is excellent for your doggy duo to play tug of war together. This can be a great way to get your dogs to bond with one another to channel their energy. You can even join in the fun, take on the loser, or encourage play between them.

It is made from rope and plushy fabric. The internal portion is lightly stuffed with a singular squeaker. You can easily spot clean, but this toy isn’t machine washable.

A single pet can enjoy this just as much. But you’re definitely going to get roped into playing along—pun intended.

  • Excellent for a doggy duo
  • Light stuffing for less mess
  • Strong ropes for games of tug-of-war

6. Pixar Claw Aliens Hide & Seek Puzzle

Pixar Claw Aliens Hide & Seek Puzzle

Toy Type: Puzzle
Material: Plush
Durability: Moderate

Toy story fans, anyone? Pixar Claw Aliens Hide & Seek Puzzle is an iconic dog toy we think your Lab will enjoy. This adorable puzzle brings back nostalgia and gives your dog something fun to do.

Like our number one, it is a puzzle game where they have to retrieve the aliens. It is nicely made with durable materials. The base is a rocket ship game replica of Toy Story’s Pizza Planet. We think they did a fantastic job with it, using durable materials.

Each of the toys has a squeaker to entice play and keep your dog’s attention. Even though it is well made, it won’t withstand heavy chewing. So, if your dog is determined to rip it to shreds, it might just happen.

That’s not it either. Pixar makes several other options, like Pumba from Lion King, Woody from Toy Story, and others.

  • Pixar created
  • Fun and colorful
  • Other adorable Disney designs available
  • Not as durable as some others

7. SHARLOVY Dog Squeaky Toys

SHARLOVY Dog Squeaky Toys

Toy Type: Squeaker
Material: Faux fur, crinkle paper, squeakers
Durability: Moderate

If your Lab is a big fan of flappy squeaky toys, they will go nuts over SHARLOVY Dog Squeaky Toys. There are five in a pack that are of different colors and designs.

Our pack had a tiger, fox, squirrel, cow, and wolf. Each one has two squeakers inside to entice play. Your dog will have a hay day playing. And the good news is that even when it’s slobbery and gross, you can toss it in the washing machine.

These toys have no stuffing, so you don’t have to worry about your pup ripping the guts out right away. Instead, they added crinkle paper for extra  encouragement.

They are flexible and movable, perfect for tug of war, toss, and interactive play. However, if you have a Lab that wants to shred—it’s possible. So, supervise during play.

  • Adorable no-stuffing characters
  • Floppy, crinkly, squeaky design entices play
  • Machine washable
  • Determined dogs might destroy

8. KONG Flyer

KONG Flyer

Toy Type: Frisbee
Material: Rubber
Durability: Strong

KONG makes some pretty innovative products, and the KONG Flyer is among them. Labs really love to get moving, and this specially designed frisbee gives way for hours of interactive play. Not only can you get some exercise, but they can also burn that tireless energy.

This frisbee is made out of KONG’s classic non-toxic rubber. That means, unlike other frisbees that bust with a bit of chewing, these are built to withstand the abuse.

This might be your solution if you have a Lab that loves frisbee, but you have to replace them constantly. It isn’t as lightweight as some, so it might not make it quite as far, but it does the job and stays intact during the process.

But if our dog isn’t crazy about frisbee, they won’t benefit from this design. Luckily, KONG has tons of other durable products you could check out, too.

  • Made with KONGs innovative material
  • Perfect for frisbee lovers
  • Withstands harsh treatment
  • Limited to certain dog preferences

9. Tonaov Dog Chew Toy

Tonaov Dog Chew Toy

Toy Type: Squeaker
Material: Fleece, rope
Durability: Moderate

Do you have a dog that loves shoes and won’t stop ripping up yours? This might be a solution (or it might not). We love the idea behind the Tonaov Dog Chew Toy design—it’s a great way to channel your dog’s impulses.

The design is super cute, replicating a tennis shoe. The shoestrings are made of durable rope. Each one is bright-colored, coming in four color choices: purple, yellow, green, and orange. You can choose whichever strikes your fancy—all are of equal quality and composition.

Inside, the shoe has a squeaker to encourage play. The entire design is machine washable to eliminate all that debris and drool, too. All in all, we love all the colors, textures, noises, and functions.

However, there’s always a chance it could have the reverse effect. It could encourage or confuse the behavior. But we hope it serves as a solution instead. Also, this isn’t the best option for heavy chewers.

  • Great anti-anxiety and training tool
  • Very colorful and enticing
  • Lots of textures for optimal chewing
  • Might confuse chewing behavior

10. JW Pet Twist-In Treats

JW Pet Twist-In Treats

Toy Type: Treat
Material: Rubber
Durability: Strong

If your dog needs a little chewing encouragement, consider JW Pet Twist-In Treats. This little toy is designed to hold a goodie of your choice for your lab to work for. You can even buy refills, which we thought was a great idea.

This toy comes in three sizes-small, medium, and large. We recommend a medium or large size for a full-grown lab. You can also choose between chicken and bacon flavors—whatever appeals to your dog’s appetite the most.

You can even refill these toys with your own treat—like peanut butter or another yummy snack. These toys are literally designed for gnawing, so they should hold up fantastically. They can be perfect for alleviating anxiety or boredom. But it might not promote the exercise your dog needs.

  • Occupies your dog’s time
  • Refills available
  • Multiple flavors
  • Doesn’t promote extensive exercise


Buyer’s Guide: Selecting The Best Toy For Labs

Types of Toys

Bouncy Toys

Your dog can spend hours chasing and chewing on bouncy toys. They entice speed and movement, promoting healthy exercise. Plus, it’s a great interactive way for you to spend time with your lab.


Puzzle games challenge your Lab mentally, engaging them in a task.

Treat Toys 

Treat toys are generally balls or nuts that you can put yummy snacks inside. This encourages your dog to play, making reaching the toys a challenge.

Chew Toys 

You’re probably familiar with chew toys. They seem to fill the shelves, as it’s one of the dogs favorite things to do. No chew toy is made with the same durability, so make sure to buy according to your dog’s chewing power and frequency.



Rubber toys tend to be very durable and long-lasting. Granted, all rubber is made differently. However, it is built to withstand some pretty heavy chewing.

Also, rubber is bouncy, and if your dogs love chasing things, this material is probably right up their alley.


Fabric is a super common material found in dog toys. Lots of squeaky toys and plushies require the fabric to make them soft and desirable. Stitching is fundamental on fabric. You don’t want something that comes unraveled easily, so just read those reviews.


Plastic is a highly used but questionable material in dog toys. Be careful of small pieces or toxic ingredients.


Safety is incredibly important when you’re purchasing toys. Certain toys have small pieces or internal components that can be dangerous or toxic for your dog. You should always buy toys based on the activity level of your lab so you know how quickly the toys will be destroyed.

Also, some toys contain potentially toxic or dangerous ingredients if they are interested. These could include tiny sharp pieces of metal or plastic, lights, internal mechanisms, stuffing, and certain types of plastic.


If you’re spending your hard work money on something, you’re going to want it to stretch. Even though some canines can be hard to buy for, you can shop around to find the type of composition and strength you need.


Quality is an important factor to consider, especially when combined with safety concerns.


Everyone has a budget, especially when it comes to items like dog toys.  You want to keep enough on hand to keep your pup occupied but not so many that that’s what you’re spending your money on.

Luckily, dog toys are cheap enough to buy a small item here and there and fit just about any budget.



If you want something that will keep your dog busy for hours, we highly recommend the Plush Trash Can Puzzle Dog Toy. It is a fun, interactive piece that you can hit refills for ultimate usability.

ChuckIt! Ultra Ball is a super big savings we think your lab will love. You can even splurge and get the launcher eventually if you want to challenge your dog to a longer distance.

No matter what toy you choose, your dog will have a blast.

Featured Image Credit: Samuel Sweet, Pexels

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