11-12 month old male Cross-Breed available for adoption

Arlo is a beautiful 11-12 month old male Cross-Breed. He was rescued from starvation death in Ukraine and arrived in the UK around 5 months ago. Arlo is a unique breed mix, most likely some Shepherd, like Anatolian Shepherd or Alabai (Central Asian Shepherd), also can be Saint Bernard here. He is large size 65cm, 30kg. He is fully housetrained, lead trained (while can pull when excited), and knows basic commands, good in a car. He is currently in Yarnton, Oxford. OX5 ( family happy to help with transportation ).

Arlo loves to be near humans, adore cuddles, tries his best to deserve your attention, loves and eager to communicate playful and very friendly with the other dogs. He is very friendly with current resident dog (please see video), but can be jealous for human attention (it should be fine if the other resident dog is medium/large friendly female and if the family will be fairly equal giving attention to both dogs and managing them not to compete for attention). He is not tested for cats.

Arlo will perfectly suit an active family used to large dogs, ideally living in the countryside.

Arlo is very friendly to kids, but kids should be 10+ and should be used around dogs, because Arlo is still a pup: playful and active. He was with his current family for more than 4 months but unfortunately due to family circumstances they decided to rehome him, as their present circumstances do not allow them to meet the needs of a young active boy.

That’s what his family says about him: ” We think he would better suit a home where he is the only dog. He’s currently living with a resident male dog but gets very jealous when the attention is not on him. A home with children over 10 years and are used to big dogs. He’s a very bouncy excitable boy. He is sound and movement alert in the home. I would recommend a fenced garden where he can’t see neighbours.

He is fully housetrained, will sit and give paw. Come and wait for short periods. Although this does not happen outside the home. He loves others dogs and will bound over to them. I would suggest keeping him on a long line until he masters the ‘come’ command outside of the home. He travels well in the car. He is a big soppy and goofy pooch, who needs plenty of exercise. So a family who are active would be ideal for him.”

Arlo is absolutely healthy; not neutered due to being arrived at early age and as a large dog vet recommended to be neutered after 12-16 months age. Full vaccination pack (rabies, DHPP, Lepto), microchipped.

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