11 month old female Cross-Breed available for adoption

Lola is a 11 month old female Cross-Breed. She is a beautiful puppy girl. She is small- small-to-medium size. She is friendly with kids, dogs and cats. She is currently at Hilton, DE65.

LOLA came to UK before Christmas as small puppy girl, but unfortunately the family made a hard decision to re- home her, because she is too playful and active and their resident small old dog, with whom she grew up, she is not happy about her now, and Lola being playful get frustrated that old dog doesn’t wish to play and they are conflicting now.

That’s what Lola’s family says about her: ” Lola is a small/medium around 11 month old cross. She has been a part of our family since we fostered her at Christmas last year. Unfortunately she has started to attack my smaller old dog and it is getting more frequent so we have had to make the decision to rehome Lola.

Due to separation she is also being left for longer periods due to my work and it is not helping her separation anxiety. She is the most loving and loyal little dog and will be a brilliant addition to a home where they are there most of the day and have experience with dogs who have anxiety and further her training as she can be very nervous around new people.

Lola loves food, cuddles, running around like a loon, and emptying her toy basket. She also has a fetish for dirty socks and toilet roll holders. Please only get in touch if you can give Lola the time, patience and training she needs. She is really one in a million and will love her forever..”

LOLA is still a puppy this means time and patience to be invested to teach her polite doggy habits, to help her to understand how to please people and what does it mean to be nice. . LOLA has no known health issues vaccinated rabies, DHLPP, provided worms treatment, microchipped. Not neutered, because arrived as a young puppy, and her current family planned to do it after the first season, but now decided to rehome. Rescue will contribute toward spaying.

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