12 month old female Cross-Breed available for adoption

Misty is a beautiful, loving and tender 12-13 month old female Cross-Breed. Since March she has been at a foster home in UK, Scotland, KY12. She is upper medium size (around 22-24 kilos).

Misty is affectionate, joyful and playful. She can be shy with new people and need some short time to settle and build trust. She is very much human oriented, zero aggression, affectionate, loves kids (but will better suit home with older kids or those used to being around big dogs, just because is very communicative and playful), friendly and playful with all dogs. Not tested for cats.

Misty been at foster since March and that is what foster says about her: ” Been fostering Misty for almost 5 months now and she has become a great dog. Misty is great on the lead and loves going for walks but her recall needs a lot more work as she is easily distracted and forgets to listen. She is house trained but she doesn’t like to be left alone as long as she gets bored and likes to chew.

I have tried crate training her but with 3 other dogs in the house this just caused her to get distressed. She is great with other dogs and loves to play and roll around. She loves kids and gets on great with my grandkids. She has never shown any aggression and just takes herself to her bed when she has had enough playtime. She can still be a bit jumpy with sudden fast movements or loud noises but is getting better with these.

Misty would suit a family where someone is home most of the time. She does love listening to classical music on Alexa and this seems to help her settle very well.
Misty is just a big playful pup who is longing for a loving home where she can settle. She has lots of love and cuddles patiently waiting to give.”

Misty have no known health issues; not neutered due to arrival in early age (new owners should be committed to neuter her within next 5 months, rescue will contribute to the costs). Vaccinated rabies, DHLPP, provided worms treatment, microchipped.

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Paw Help UK

For further details regarding adopting a dog from Paw Help UK, please email pawhelpuk@gmail.com or by telephoning 07473162893 for an application form.

Paw Help UK represents a PAW HELP Rescue and Adopt network (Ukraine/Poland/Belarus).

This is foster based Rescue network, run by dogs-loving enthusiastic volunteers (not paid positions) existing only on public donations (including Adoption Fees as a mean to support rescue work: food, shelter, vet bills and vaccinations), no state or other funding. A lot of our rescue dogs are fostered in UK before going to their forever homes.

Paw Help UK works as adoption centre for pets rescued in Eastern Europe (Poland&Ukraine&Belarus), we are helping the rescue pets of all ages, health, temperaments, and history to find there forever loving home.

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