13 Celebrity Crypto Endorsements and Investors

In recent years, celebrities have been increasingly lending their public support to a variety of causes and products – and the world of cryptocurrency is no different. As reported by numerous news and media outlets like NYTimes and Bloomberg, a number of high-profile names have spoken out in favor of digital currencies, with some even going so far as to invest in specific projects.

From high profile celebrities like Matt Damon appearing in television commercials and pushing crypto trading platforms, to Reese Witherspoon getting involved in the world of NFT — there seems to be an endless supply of money being tossed around by different crypto projects in an effect to get more exposure through already infamous celebrities and social media influencers.

However, with crypto on the decline over the past several months, we’ve all seen a lot less of this… and little-to-no mention from the celebrities on their actual earnings and support for such projects.

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