2-3 year old female Retriever Cross available for adoption

Lisa is a 2-3 year old female Retriever Cross. She is a beauty who was brought into the shelter by the dog warden after being found roaming as a stray. She had no microchip like so many of the dogs before her, and no one came to claim her. She’s now been waiting since April for someone to notice her and give her the home that she deserves. She has a gorgeous coat and is a medium-sized girl, roughly around 20kg. Lisa has been sharing her compound with other dogs since the day she arrived, and for the most part, she’s sociable and playful.

We have noticed that she has become a bit jealous in recent weeks, and we think that she’s just not getting the amount of attention and affection that she needs, so she doesn’t like to share the small amount that she does get with the other dogs. However, in a social, chilled-out setting, Lisa can interact with males and females of various shapes and sizes well.

Lisa is very sweet, affectionate, and friendly. She loves to give you her paw and roll over for a belly rub. She is a little bit submissive with new people that she’s unfamiliar with and will lower herself to the ground as though she thinks they might hurt her, so we think in the past she’s not been treated very kindly. However, once you interact with her and show her that everything is okay her tail wags a mile a minute and she gets so excited to be fussed over.

Lisa would love to be adopted into a household with a family who enjoy an active lifestyle, have access to a garden, and can give her all the attention and 1-2-1 focus that she needs. She’s a clever girl, and she would respond really well to some basic training. She is keen to please and in a home setting with structure and routine, we think she will pick up new things really quickly.

She can be adopted into a household with another dog, but honestly, we think she would like to be the center of attention after her stint in the shelter.

Lisa can be adopted into a household with children aged 9+, but she is not tested with cats. Her ideal home would be outside of the city as she does sometimes get a bit overwhelmed by sudden, loud noises, so we think she’s more of a country girl! Lisa is currently based in Cyprus and has a clean bill of health. She is ready to travel once she finds her forever home.

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