2 month old female Griffon available for adoption

Kimi is a 2 month old female Griffon. She is the result of the irresponsibility of the people who don’t think it’s necessary to neuter/spay their dogs. But her future has changed. She is now in our care and we will write a new chapter for her. Kimi is now ready to find her doting forever human and embark on her new life!

As a girl of such a tender age, Kimi is unscathed by events in her life to date and has the generous-hearted innocence and wonderful playful temperament that can be expected of a puppy. Kimi has a nature loving, trusting, and playful character with a charming personality in bloom. She is friendly and sociable with people and dogs alike and would therefore be fine in a home with or without a four-legged friend.

As a young puppy, Kimi will need an owner who can take the time to offer her the basic training that she needs in order to do justice to her actively developing mind and body so that she is equipped with the life skills allowing her to blossom into the fabulous adult dog that she is destined to become. We do not know the parents and therefore also not their size.

We estimate that Kimi will be medium-sized, although we cannot guarantee this, so in the “worst” case her new home should also be prepared for a larger dog in the case she grows more than expected. Kimi will be an active girl and requires an owner who can give her the daily exercise and attention that she requires to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Kimi is young and adaptable and would make the ideal addition to most family environments. As a puppy of such a super temperament and exuberant spirit.

Kimi will make an outstanding best friend and will lavish eternal gratitude and unconditional love upon her human companion, for the rest of her life! Preference will be given to homes where someone is around during the day. Kimi cannot be rehomed to families with young children, as we want her to be the priority in the home. We will only consider applications from adopters who have had dogs before or currently have a dog.

Kimi is best suited to young or middle-aged adopters, as she is of a very active breed that loves being in nature and exploring the outdoors. Kimi is microchipped, vaccinated, health checked, and comes with a full passport. Due to her age, she is not yet spayed and this will be a requirement of her adoption. Kimi is currently in Spain but will travel directly to her forever family in November/December, as soon as the right home comes forward.

We rehome to England and Wales, but NOT Scotland. We look forward to hearing from you with any questions or requesting an application form for this wonderful young boy.

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