2 month old male Belgian Shepherd Cross available for adoption

Saru is a 2 month old male Belgian Shepherd Cross. Saru and his other siblings were brought into a pound in Northern Spain as strays, we don’t know anything about their history or parents. We moved them to a boarding kennel, where they spend time with lots of other dogs. The puppies are able to run and play, but they’re in a rural area, so they will need families who understand they haven’t had the socialization around new people, traffic, noises, and lead walking.

They will need help and guidance to grow in confidence in these areas. We expect the puppies to grow to medium-large size, but without knowing their parents, this is an estimate only and it shouldn’t become a problem for their home if they grow more than expected.

As expected for his breed, he is becoming a super bright and intelligent boy. He therefore absolutely requires someone with experience with complex breeds, willing to provide the right level of mental and physical stimulation. Saru is a dog who at a young age will need guidance and support to develop into a well-adjusted youngster and adult.

In the right environment and with the right experience, he has the making of a star. But, as is the case with intelligent dogs, the opposite is true too. He could become guarding and protective of his home and people if he feels his person needs protecting and lacks confidence.

Saru loves being outside and is very energetic, he will need an active family who will be able to offer him a variety of outdoor pursuits to build his confidence and to keep his working dog brain engaged. These dogs are intense and active, so lots of time and attention will be required. We are looking for an adult-only home, as we want dogs who require more time, training, and experience to be the priority. We are also looking for stability, maturity, and solid experience with complex breeds.

We are looking for people who are into the outdoors, go on different adventures at the weekends for example, and generally want to explore the world with their dog(s). It would be helpful for Saru to have a further dog companion at home, but that is not a necessity, as long as he has opportunities to socialize with other dogs on a daily base.

He has a very energetic play style so it would need to be a dog with a similar play style and energy level. A fully fenced garden is required, as these dogs will need space to play and run.

Saru is currently in Spain and ready to travel to England and Wales (NOT Scotland) as soon as the right family/person comes forward. He could join his family in November when he becomes old enough to travel.

If you have the experience, time, love, stability, and commitment that his upbringing required, and feel would be the perfect addition to your family, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Please take into account that we will only consider adult and dog experienced homes that have in the past, or currently have a complex breed at home.

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