2 year old female Cross-Breed available for adoption

Zsofi is a 2 year old female Cross-Breed. She is an adorable, incredibly affectionate, energetic, and very beautiful girl, who has so much love to give! She loves being stroked and groomed and adores a tummy tickle – rolling over at any opportunity to get more belly rubs or sticking her back leg in the air, ballerina-style for a scratch. She is crate trained and she is clean in the house.

However, having come to the UK from Hungary 6wks ago, her current guardian feels that Zsofi would be better off living with someone with more rescue dog experience and plenty of time, patience, and love to understand her slightly unpredictable nature. Ideally somewhere quiet with direct garden access and another dog (s) to show her the ropes. Although she hasn’t had the opportunity to play with other dogs yet, she seems to like all dogs she has encountered on lead walks.

Zsofi quickly formed a close bond with her current guardian and has a ‘velcro dog’ tendency that needs work. She also has a protective/guarding nature and can be quite reactive to new people at the house. Whilst she is happy to greet them at the door, she then starts barking too much for them to come in. She is also sensitive to changes in routine and after seeing a dog trainer for the first time, seemed to get unsettled and then refused to go on walks or in the car for a few days (we’re currently building this back up).

Importantly mention – she recently snapped at a friend who was sitting on the floor with her and eating. We believe she may have been resource-guarding the food and this was the first time she has ever done anything like this, although she does show signs of reactivity when trying to move her collar off the bed/sofa. This is one of the key reasons we are looking for her a new home with previous rescue dogs experience.

She can be timid around people (although is slowly coming out of her shell) and isn’t fond of busy roads/traffic etc. Too many people or activities can also be a bit overwhelming for her. Her guardian started taking her to some quiet cafes with outdoor space to build confidence – and she is showing great progress, which will take more time and patience.

Zsofi has picked up English commands very quickly (sit, leave it, come, wait, gentle, back) and is a really bright girl! Her recall is quite good, but not 100% and more work is needed before she is reliable, although she has been off lead a little bit in quiet places and really enjoyed the freedom! She likes to chase squirrels and seagulls, not cat-tested. Zsofi is 90% adorable but needs a skillful dog owner to work on her remaining 10%, to help her blossom into the gorgeous creature that we know she can be.

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