2 year old female Cross-Breed available for adoption

Tura is a 2 year old female Cross-Breed. She is looking for a new home. She is currently located in Cambuslang. Tura is a large lady (between 37 and 40kg) and we are looking for an experienced and calm home for her and due to her size we are looking for an adults only home.

Tura was originally very reactive to things that scared her but her current family have been working on this and she is much improved. We are looking for a family that are happy to continue with her training (we can provide more detail to interested adopters).

Tura is comfortable around women, inquisitive about children but more nervous of men. Tura has grown in confidence and after the right introductions she is friendly to people and dogs the vast majority of the time. Tura loves the water, her cuddly toy Moo, cheese, treats, sniffing on walks, ear rubs, butt scratches, ripping open cardboard boxes and meeting other dogs (although she can sometimes get a bit overexcited which she is working on).

Tura doesn’t like walks that are too long (she will resist over 3km), unusual things that cam make her jump, the postman, male visitors she doesn’t know(again a work in progress), being patted on the top of her head (most dogs do not like this), the hoover and lawnmower, people jumping about / being unpredictable around her, overcrowded situations.

Tura is doing great with her command training with the only sticking point is she can get distracted by other dogs and water. She has great recall in the enclosed dog park. Tura is comfortable being left alone and travels well in the car.

Tura would be a wonderful dog for the right home with a calm and patient family willing to let her settle then continue to work with her on her training. She is a big dog so needs a family that would be able to manage this. Her dad says she is “very inquisitive and alert. She is the most beautiful, moody, weirdo”

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