2 year old female Golden Retriever available for adoption

Mumford is a 2 year old female Golden Retriever. She is a rescue dog from China. During the pandemic the cost of bringing a dog from China to the UK was around £3000. We are so pleased to say this has now reduced to £1600. We know this sum is still prohibitive in some cases, but we hope it gives these dogs more of a chance to leave the shelter as many of them have been there for over two years.

Mumford is a gorgeous girl who arrived at the safe house back in January 2021 after being abandoned by her owner for resource guarding behaviours. Since being with the rescue, Mumford has been great with people, but to minimise the risk of her reacting to other dogs over food she is fed away from them and given her own space.

With this management, she behaves well and doesn’t have to guard her treasure! Mumford is around two years old and is a purebred Golden Retriever. She is a very energetic girl and is looking for an active home who are prepared to give her lots of long walks, mental stimulation, attention and training. She is very loving with people and in the right home we know that she will flourish.

Due to her energy levels and history of resource guarding, we’re looking for a home without other pets or children (unless they’re 15+), to increase her chance of a successful, stress free integration. Mumford would enjoy a family who lead an outdoorsy lifestyle and are looking for a dog to keep up with their fast paced adventures.

She would love to explore the countryside or play on the beach, and her energetic streak means that she definitely has the stamina to be a part of all the action! Mumford does need some training and would require a patient, understanding adopter who’s prepared put in some hard work in the early days to improve her manners and build a trusting relationship with her. Mumford is a confident, excitable girl who can be a bit boisterous but has a lot of love to offer.

Unfortunately it’s difficult to make headway with her training in a shelter setting, where there are hundreds of dogs needing time and attention, but we feel that once she’s found her forever home and forged a relationship with her new adopters, Mumford is going to come on in leaps and bounds. The hard work with most definitely be worth it to form a bond with Mumford, and in turn, a friend for life. Mumford is currently in China and has a clean bill of health. She is ready to travel once she finds her forever home.

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