2 year old female Lurcher available for adoption

Sandy is a 2 year old female Lurcher. She is a very energetic girl so could do well at agility as she picks things up quickly especially for a treat, she does love her food.

She would make a great jogging partner, she is such an outgoing girl. Sandy would be better as an only dog as she can be a real diva at times, loving the attention.

She loves playing with like minded sight hounds, however we do muzzle her when she is interacting with other dogs as she does tend to forget herself and it can get into typical Lurcher rough and tumble games. Her favourite games are throwing/catching the ball and tuggie ropes.

She walks well on the lead without distractions but needs further training around other dogs, which we have been working on with a trainer. She travels very well in the car, curls up and has snooze.

She has been left for up to 3 hours with other dogs in the house, but about an hour on her own. When you arrive home it’s like she’s greeting a long lost friend, she’s very exuberant. Sorry no to cats.

Sandy sleeps well at night but likes to be able to see you, she is a proper duvet princess, loves to be tucked in at night.

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Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

For further details regarding dogs available for adoption from Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue, please contact pip on 01386 853 971 or Linda on 0121 258 4510, alternatively email mail@lurcher.org.uk.

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