3 year old female Shih Tzu available for adoption

Lilly is a 3 year old female Shih Tzu. She is originally came to us as a stray, so we only have limited details about her past. It would seem, however, that she has missed out on some crucial socializing and can find many parts of the big wide world quite scary. When she first came to us, she would instantly run away and had no real desire to get to know anyone.

Since spending time in her foster homes, she has started to learn that she doesn’t always need to worry. Lily is, however, still incredibly nervous around people wanting to touch her and is currently unable to be fussed/ picked up. New owners will need to be prepared to dedicate plenty of time and really respect Lily’s boundaries when it comes to building her confidence with handling.

Lily does seem to enjoy the company of other small, calm dogs and would like to live with at least one resident canine friend. She would like her new buddy to be well settled, calm and confident to help show her the ropes in her new home. She has also had experience of living with confident cats and chickens.

Fortunately for us, Lily is super motivated when it comes to tasty treats and we have so far found this to be a great way to help her make friends. She is also a fan of super snuggly dog beds as well as settling on the sofa for a snooze.

Lily would like her general home life to be relatively calm and consistent so she can learn what happens in day-to-day life. She would like to live in an adult-only home and, although she can cope for short periods of the day alone, it may be best that her humans are around for most of the day to help with her training and confidence building.

Lily will also need a fully enclosed garden to play in as she is currently too worried to go for walks. She would like to meet her new family on multiple occasions and may require some home visits to help the transition from kennels to home to run smoothly.

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Teckels Animal Sanctuaries Gloucester

For further details regarding adopting a dog from Teckels Animal Sanctuaries in Bristol Road, Whitminster, Gloucester please telephone 01452 740300 or email enquiries@teckelsanimalsanctuaries.co.uk

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