3 year old male Beagle Cross available for adoption

Jake is a 3 year old male Beagle Cross. Jake and Julian were owned by a hunter in Cyprus who no longer wanted them. Both boys are very calm and submissive, so we can assume they likely weren’t the best at their ‘job’. We’re grateful however, that rather than dumping the boys, they were surrendered to the shelter.

Jake is extremely sweet natured and very gentle. He is approximately three years old and a Beagle mix, so a manageable size and past the crazy puppy months! Jake has quite clearly not experienced all the things companion dogs do, such as living indoors, walking on the lead, or generally being loved. He is a little apprehensive in new situations, but once coaxed with gentle words, strokes or treats, he relaxes and realises it’s all going to be okay.

There is genuinely not a bad bone in Jake’s body. He is all smiles with new people and although he’s not had the best start in life he is trusting and keen to make new friends, whether that’s with other dogs or people. He plays very well with other dogs and enjoys running around in the yard in a group. He’s a curious boy and likes to see what is going on around him, but is quick to come over to you for a cuddle if you call him.

He will softly put his chin into your hand, and sit at your feet waiting for a pet rather than jumping up. Jake has not been exposed to cats, and from what we know he doesn’t have experience with children. Based on his lovely nature we feel he would be suitable to live with kids aged 8+ (or younger if they have lived with dogs before), but we would prefer to avoid homes with babies/toddlers as we think the noise and movements might be a bit unnerving for him.

We think at some point Jake has been hit by his previous owner, as he will flinch and lower his body if you move unexpectedly or go to put a lead on him. When he realises he’s safe he’s fine, but adopters should be aware that he needs a little time and understanding to learn that he’s going to be treated with kindness in a new home. Jake’s ideal home would be a fairly active family based in a semi-rural location. Hounds love to be outdoors, exploring and following their noses, so Jake needs plenty of opportunities to exercise his natural behaviours.

He is very eager to please and we feel he would respond well to some basic training, especially in lead walking and recall – an area that rescue hounds often struggle. Overall though Jake is amazing and has such a good temperament. He is going to make someone extremely happy and provide great company for years to come. He is loyal, affectionate, and a very good boy. Jake is currently based in Cyprus and has a clean bill of health. He is ready to travel once he finds his forever home.

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