3 year old male Whippet cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier available for adoption

Bruno is a 3 year old male Whippet cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He is very stressed in kennels and this is causing him to loose weight. He’s now been waiting for a new home for OVER A YEAR.

He was very nervous when he first arrived and can still be wary of men and larger boys, and he is anxious in new situations. Despite his rough start to life Bruno is very friendly and loving once he gets to know you.

In fact he wags his tail so much he damaged it in kennels and sadly it wasn’t healing, so much of it has now been amputated. Bruno is about 24″ to the shoulder and his ideal weight is about 25kg. He is good with kids (but wary of older teenage boys) and travels really well in the car.

He well behaved at the vets. Bruno is not keen on rude “in-your face” dogs and can be a bit reactive to other dogs so best rehomed to a quieter environment.

He is mostly okay with female dogs, but can be a bit possessive over food. Ideally he needs to be rehomed as an only dog. He is not suitable to live with cats.

Bruno suffers from a bit of separation anxiety after all the upheaval in his life, so he’d need someone around most of the time. He does not like being crated. Bruno is at LURCHER LINK RESCUE, near Halifax, West Yorkshire.

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