4 month old male Golden Retriever Cross available for adoption

Rutger is a 4 month old male Golden Retriever Cross. He was brought into the municipal shelter by the dog warden who had found him running scared through the streets of Cyprus. He was exhausted and was easy to catch, but very nervous and confused. He’s a golden boy is every way and we’re looking for a five star home for this little lion.

Rutger is a funny little character. When he’s asleep, he’s very asleep, but when he’s up for playtime he’s like a little Tasmanian devil. During the heat of the day he likes to cram himself into the corner of the compound where the water bowl is, and every time another dog comes to drink he gets sloshed over the head with water which he seems to quite enjoy. When he’s up and raring to go, his best pals in the shelter are Neo, Lola and Fleur.

He plays really well with other dogs of a similar size to him, and responds well to being told off by some of the older dogs if he gets a little bit too boisterous around them. Rutger loves being cuddled and when you pick him up in your arms he just melts into you. He’s currently going through a chewing stage and is partial to shoelaces, hair and fingers when there are no toys in reach!

Rutger can be a little bit shy with new dogs that he doesn’t know and will sometimes vocalise the fact he’s unsure by barking at them. When actually interacting with other dogs he’s great, but he needs a bit of time to feel confident around new pups. Rutger has a cheeky, affectionate nature and would love a home with a resident dog who likes to play. He’d also benefit from having a dog already established in the house to learn from and copy off.

He would be best suited to a home in a semi-rural area with access to a secure, private garden, and ideally he would prefer a home with children aged 7+. He hasn’t been tested with cats.Rutger is also a smart little guy (although his goofy personality does sometimes mask that!) and would respond really well to training. Unfortunately in the shelter there’s no way proper training can be done, so at the moment he doesn’t know any commands, nor has he had proper lead training or house training.

As with all of our puppies, adopters need to be prepared and willing to start from scratch. Beginning the training and continuing the socialisation of a new puppy will set them up with a trusting, strong bond with you, and help shape them into a balanced adolescent dog. Our Head of Adoptions has fallen in love with Rutger, so his new family must be happy to provide lots of updates! Rutger is currently based in Cyprus and has a clean bill of health. He is ready to travel in October.

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