4 month old male Hound Cross available for adoption

Max is a 4 month old male Hound Cross. A litter of five was found in the mountains by a local animal lover in Cyprus and she was able to rescue them and get them to safety. There are two girls, Portia and Poppy, and three boys, Max, Peter, and Henley. They are a gorgeous mix of hound breeds and since settling into their foster home their individual personalities are really beginning to shine. Max is the biggest of the litter and has an independent, see-assured personality.

He is very affectionate, comical, and confident when in the company of people, and he loves to lie to you and just chill out there. He likes to play with toys and has even started to sit when offered a treat. He has a very relaxed nature and loves to be around humans, but also socializes really well with his littermates. He’s the leader of the litter but in a quiet way, rather than dominating the scene. He also loves being cuddled, but when he needs some time out he’ll take himself off and flop onto the floor for a nap.

Max has been handled from a very young age and is therefore confident in the presence of people. He doesn’t hesitate to approach, and he greets visitors with a wagging tail. He is friendly not only with his siblings but also with pups outside of his litter, and we wouldn’t have any concerns about his suitability for a home with another dog. The litter can all be rehomed alongside children aged 5+, and with steady, supervised introductions we feel they might be able to learn to live with cats too. As they’re puppies, they might be a little overzealous to begin with, but they will learn the rules as long as their adopters introduce clear boundaries and provide both animals with their own space to get to know each other.

We’re looking for homes outside of the city for Portia, Poppy, Max, Henley, and Peter. We think they would prefer suburban or semi-rural homes, where they have lots of surrounding green spaces to explore, and the opportunity to go on long walks. As they are hound mixes, their recall will need lots of work and they need chances to sniff and scent, as this is a natural and rewarding behavior for the breed. The pups have not experienced a conventional indoor home lifestyle, and therefore their adopters must be patient and understanding as they adjust to an entirely new environment and routine.

They’re learning new things every day, so with a bit of time, they’re bound to adapt. The pups require homes with gardens and moderately active lifestyles. Puppies require lots of training and continued socialization, and the outcome of putting in the hard work at their young age will be so rewarding when they grow into balanced, obedient young adults. This litter is currently based in Cyprus and has a clean bill of health. They are ready to travel in mid-October once they find their forever homes.

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