4 year old female Akita cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier available for adoption

Molly is a 4 year old female Akita cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She thrived in her foster home, but she is now back in kennels as the foster family were not able to keep her long-term and is not coping well at all. She would love a forever home or a new foster home.

Molly has been looking for a new home since June 2021, she is an amazing dog, but she will need a special family who will give her the time to settle in and build her confidence at her own speed. It took her two weeks to settle into her foster home, but her foster family said: “She was so nervous at first and needed lots of TLC to get her to warm to you. It was a week before she let us touch her but now, loves scratches and hugs, and lots of licks.

“As she is quite big, she can be a little scary when you first meet her, as she’s got a good deep bark. But she’s more scared of you than the other way round. She also has a couple of different barks, a low bark which means she is demanding something she wants, generally food and a higher pitched playful bark which means it’s play time, where she loves playing ball and being chased around the garden and house. “Molly loves to snuggle up and takes over the bed. She has so much love, kisses, and hugs to give if only given a lot of time and patience.”

This is what our volunteers dog walkers had to say about this gorgeous girl. “She is an affectionate dog once she gets to know you she loves to give you kisses and loves a good old back rub and loves to sit on your knee. “Molly is such a beautiful little soul and will give you so much love and affection.”

“She’s got the kindest face just looking for reassurance and love.” Molly is a large, affectionate girl with a big soft heart, who loves people. She needs someone with the patience to allow her to settle in, just like her wonderful foster dads did. Molly’s new people must be prepared to come for a number of visits to get to know her.

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Warrington Animal Welfare Cheshire

For further details regarding adopting a dog from Warrington Animal Welfare, please telephone 01925 748638 or email enquiries@warringtonanimalwelfare.org.uk

All homes are carefully vetted for suitability and would be preferably within 50 miles of Cheshire. A donation is required to the rescue to cover the rescues vet fees.

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