5-6 year old female Saluki Cross available for adoption

Malu is a 5.5 year old female Saluki Cross who’s currently in a foster home in Oman. She was brought to our attention in June 2021 by two girls who were feeding her. They sent us videos of Malu tied up in a dirty shed surrounded by rubbish and eating food off the floor. They told us that Malu was aggressive but couldn’t describe in what way.

One of our coordinators drove 6 hours to rescue Malu and brought her back to Muscat. She said Malu had shown her the “wolf face” when she first met her but soon relaxed. Back at our pound, Malu showed her wolf face to new people but after some time, she became much better at meeting new people.

When we took Malu to the vets to be spayed, it was found that she had lots of cysts on her ovaries which were thought to be a contributing factor to her wolf face behaviour. The saddest discovery though was that she had an old bullet lodged in one of her back legs and an old fracture on her other back leg. We will never know Malu’s history but we know she’s had it very hard.

Malu is now in a foster home with an experienced lady and to say she’s had a new lease of life is an understatement. She’s happy, playful, content, loves walks and being brushed. We have lots of nice videos of all of this!

Malu therefore needs a very special home. She needs a very experienced owner who has patience and understanding of dogs and their behaviour, especially ones who’ve suffered trauma in their past. She is dog aggressive and will never be a dog that you can take to the dog park therefore a rural home/ quiet home with a garden would be best for her.

She’s great on the lead but it would be stressful for you both to encounter lots of dogs on your walks so a quiet area/ route would be best. She has a high prey drive too so absolutely no cats for Malu. Due to her life experience so far, a home without children would also be best for her.

If you are looking for a beautiful companion to give all your love to and think that you could be a good match for this lovely girl, please send us a message.

Please note it would take 3-4 months to prepare Malu for travel to the UK.

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