5 month old female Hound Cross available for adoption

Lola is a 5 month old female Hound Cross. She was found on the streets of Cyprus just before the hunting season began. As so many hounds before her, Lola wasn’t claimed by anyone. She was likely a lost hunting dog in training that no one came looking for, so now we’re looking for her forever home where she’ll be valued and loved as she deserves. Lola is a beauty, not only in her appearance but also in terms of temperament.

She is sociable with people and other dogs, so friendly, very playful and loves being part of the party. She is confident but not a dominant character, she is very clever, and she’s active. In terms of having a balanced nature Lola is one of those dogs who stood out to us from the start of her assessment as being a fantastic all rounder and a very promising family dog. Lola currently shares her compound space with around a dozen other dogs of various shapes and sizes and she gets on well with everyone.

Her favourite dogs to play with are the younger, more active dogs, and she loves teasing them by stealing their tennis ball! She is an athletic girl and can jump high, and as she’s so smart we think she would really enjoy a challenge such as agility or Cani-cross. She is quick to learn new things and benefits from the mental stimulation. Lola is looking for an active, semi-rural home. She needs her own garden to play in, and would have no trouble being adopted alongside other dogs.

Based on her breed, we’re looking for a home without cats, but she can live with children aged 6+. She wants a home where she can learn, explore and have lots of playtime and adventures. She wouldn’t enjoy living somewhere very busy or being left alone for long periods of time. Being a hound she also needs lots of opportunities for scenting and sniffing games, as they love nothing more than to follow their noses! All this said, Lola isn’t bouncing off the walls with unmanageable excitement and she’s very calm, affectionate and friendly when greeting new people.

She is a true socialite and loves to befriend anyone and everyone, but she’s also happy to take herself off from time to time and keep herself busy with a ball or a rope toy to chew. She loves being around people and other dogs, and hasn’t shown any issues with anyone since arriving in the shelter. We’re loving having her Lola is currently based in Cyprus and has a clean bill of health. She is ready to travel once she finds her forever home.

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