5 year old female Cross-Breed available for adoption

Amelia is a 5 year old female Cross-Breed. She is a very sweet soul who arrived in the shelter along with her friend, Vicky. We learned that her family had moved abroad and just left her and Vicky alone in the garden, abandoned. Neighbours advised the family were no longer there and the dogs needed help, so they were brought to the shelter for rehoming. Amelia is estimated to be around five years old and weighs about 15kg.

She is a very calm and sweet tempered dog who often seems invisible among the other shelter residents as she has such a sweet and unassuming character. When she has 1-2-1 attention from someone she’s very smiley and loves the fuss, but she has a tendency to look very sad when she’s stood at the back of the shelter on her own watching everyone else charge to the volunteers for cuddles.

Amelia is a very gentle and patient character. She won’t challenge the other dogs and can be a little reserved and submissive, but once provided with some reassurance she relishes human contact and loves being in their company. She will always wait her turn for food or attention, and never bothers any of the other dogs at the shelter. She is content enough in the company but isn’t a very active or playful dog.

Amelia has been around cats and not shown any issues with them. She is friendly with children, but we suggest homes with kids aged 8+ as younger children in a more closed space (which a home naturally provides) could cause her to feel a bit stressed if they’re noisy or unpredictable. Amelia likes to know what to expect and will thrive with a bit of routine. We’re looking for a home based in a semi-rural location for Amelia, where it’s not busy with traffic or people, and where she can enjoy some peace and quiet.

She would really like a home with a garden as she’s spent most of her life living outside and it can be a challenge for them to adapt to an indoor lifestyle in the first few months, so having direct outdoor access can really help. Amelia doesn’t require a very active lifestyle so could be a great match for a slightly older couple or individual looking for a companion who can be the apple of their eye. Amelia is currently based in Bosnia and has a clean bill of health. She is ready to travel once she finds her forever home.

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For further details about adopting a dog from Underdog International, please contact Eve by emailing eve@theunderdog.org or call 02080504292

All dogs rehomed via this rescue will be vaccinated, neutered/spayed and microchipped. Home checks apply and full post adoption support is offered.

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