5 year old female Doberman available for adoption

Carla is a 5 year old female Doberman
. She came to us after her owners were rehoused and unable to take her with them. She whose smile makes the entire day just better!

When Carla arrived, it was obvious she had recently had a litter of pups, apparently these had died and she was quite poorly afterwards with an infection so this is most likely the reason she was discarded.

Carla is the most wonderful dog I have ever had the pleasure to meet and foster! She is always on your lap wanting cuddles and attention and is always wanting to please. She is absolutely bonkers, loves life and is just happy!

Carla is over enthuastic about everything, she chases a ball but more often than not falls over it and comes back without it, her heart is in the right place! She leaps, she fly’s, she is an absolute acrobat and the ball is life!

So adorable that she managed to wheedle her way onto my bed on her first night with me! She is fantastic on and off the lead and brilliant with other dogs! She is not food aggressive and will not steal other dogs’ food.

Carla is clean in the house she is non-destructive and loves playing with a ball. She can be left perfectly for short periods. She travels well in the car and walks absolutely beautifully on the lead, and she has the most beautiful little face!

Carla is a big built dog, she weighs just under 40kg, her nature is absolutely amazing, she is one of the best all round dogs we have ever had, and absolutely adores her human family!

Anyone who adopts her is going to be very lucky to have her as part of their family! She is absolutely adorable, with a kind, loving heart. Can you offer this softy a place in your heart and on your sofa? She would make a perfect family pet and can live with children no problem!

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