5 year old male Cross-Breed available for adoption

Buddy is a 5 year old male Cross-Breed. Buddy is his name which he lived up to as he is a best test pal so someone is devastated at handing him over. He obviously has diabetes which if necessary we are happy to carry on supplying meds. He is the most adorable dog will lick you to death. He loves his walks.

He is partially blind but this hasn’t affected him in the slightest. He loves having his tummy tickled and he is very affectionate. Buddy is not allowed on the bed anymore as it made him overprotective of his ‘mum’.

Due to his owner’s broken leg and no helpers, Buddy sadly needs a home. The situation is most unfortunate. Buddy has been a well loved and looked after pet. Buddy likes cats and dogs. He wants to play with them.

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Animal Action Essex

For further details regarding adopting a dog from Animal Action Essex, please telephone Trish on 01277 634406 or 07905 936 863.

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