6-7 year old female German Short-Haired Pointer Cross available for adoption

Eva is a 6-7 year old female German Short-Haired Pointer Cross. She was found wandering as a stray and taken to the pound where she has been waiting for months to be noticed by someone. Due to the scars and scabs on Eva’s body we think that she was used for breeding, and likely kept in a kennel outdoors with no form of comfort.

The sores on her legs are indicative of a long time spent sleeping and lying on a hard floor. Despite Eva’s life most likely being devoid of comfort and joy she is still such a sweet, gentle and trusting soul. She will potter over to meet new people and loves to be stroked and fussed over.

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She has a calm and relatively shy demeanour, but you can see that she really does want to befriend everyone. If you go into her kennel she will tiptoe around behind you seeing what you’re up to, patiently waiting to be stroked and spoken to.

She does look older, which may be down to poor living conditions. We can never guarantee the age of our dogs as we rarely know their history. In her years we don’t think she has ever had a proper home, so she’s likely never had a comfortable bed, a blanket or any toys. Adjusting to a new home environment will be a huge change for Eva so she will need time and patience as she settles in.

To begin with everything will be overwhelming and scary, but once Eva knows that she’s surrounded by kindness we’re confident that she will come out of her shell and her personality will begin to shine. She is great with other dogs, but would prefer a calm friend rather than a crazy friend. She shares her kennel with another pointer at the pound, who is much more shy than she is.

When our in the yard with other dogs she’s no trouble at all, but finds excitable puppies or big, energetic dogs a bit too much. Eva is not cat tested and due to her breed we’d suggest a home without feline friends, and as she’s a shy girl we recommend she’s homed with children aged 10+. She is currently in Cyprus and has a clean bill of health. She is ready to travel once she finds her forever home.

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Underdog International

For further details about adopting a dog from Underdog International, please contact Eve by emailing eve@theunderdog.org or call 02080504292

All dogs rehomed via this rescue will be vaccinated, neutered/spayed and microchipped. Home checks apply and full post adoption support is offered.

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