6 year old male Pointer available for adoption

Samson is a 6 year old male Pointer. He is a slender, medium-sized, with a short, tan coat and adorable, long ears. He was kept his whole life for hunting, but was not deemed suitable by his former owner, a hunter, so he was surrendered to a rescue in the North of Spain a few months ago.

He went from a cold wet kennel, no walks, no human contact, to a lovely foster home with more dogs, where he has learnt that he can be loved and happy. He has a huge heart, he is very affectionate and sociable, but he is still fearful of new things.

He needs a family with more dogs living in a rural setting. He is totally sociable with other dogs, very gentle, well-natured and affectionate with people. Samson has gone from completely petrified to a happy, balanced dog in a matter of months. Everything was new to him but he has adapted brilliantly.

He is quite active. He loves running around, jumping and playing with other dogs and long walks on the lead (he doesn’t pull). He is sociable with all dogs. He also loves digging holes but as soon as he is reprimanded, he stops. He is very, very obedient, and he has never shown any aggression towards other dogs or people.

He doesn’t have any resources protection. He is very affectionate, he loves his head rubs. We don’t have children at home but he has been in contact with children before without problem. He fears loud noises or long sticks like a broom, he runs to hide. He has walked around cities before, with loud traffic, but definitely prefers the countryside. He is house-trained. He is currently location in foster home in Spain.

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