8 week old female Collie Cross available for adoption

Teg is an 8 week old female Collie Cross. Teg (means beautiful in Cornish), She being fostered in adult family home in Gloucestershire with other dogs and cats will be medium size not sure of mix but has Shepherd markings but will not be as big as we saw a Shepherd Puppy in Vets that was 6 weeks and nearly double her size.

Beautiful Teg came into our care with her mother Tara via the pound having been dumped there. Teg was quite poorly in the beginning with a cold sort of virus and had to be on antibiotics but is well now. How do you describe such a beautiful little soul she may be a puppy but she is an individual with her own character.

She is such a bright, lovely little soul, she takes everything in her stride. Her mum has looked after her well and Teg is now mixing with the other dogs one of which is sharing baby duties with her mum and spends a lot of time playing with her. She is so well socialised now with people, dogs, cats – she travels in the car without a care in the world, uses her puppy pads at night. We take her everywhere we can.

So, her future is in our hands – everyone wants a puppy but nobody wants a screwed-up adult if we get it wrong – so please read carefully what she needs. Teg will probably be medium size like her mum she looks Shepherd mix but her mum is a real mix breed so not sure.

She is a calm lovely puppy, very bright, easy going and loving. She would love her to find a home with people who do something with their dogs ie agility, flyball, obedience, she will be so easy to train and is getting such an amazing start. People who know the importance of socialisation, training, treating a dog like family, not being left for hours on their own.

We would like her if possible, to go with another dog but it has to be a dog who will tolerant a young puppy, she can go as an only dog but it has to be the right home not leaving a puppy who has been surrounded by other dogs and people on her own will not work. She will stay with us for however long it takes to find her the right home being so y. She will start her vaccinations and has now been chipped.

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