9 month old female Hound Cross available for adoption

Lily is a 9 month old female Hound Cross. She was rescued as a stray, roaming the streets of Cyprus with no microchip, no collar, and seemingly no one was looking for her. She’s been in the shelter for a few weeks now and no one has come by to claim her, so we’re looking for her forever home. Sadly, hunting breeds and hounds frequent our shelters all the time in Cyprus due to the hunting culture.

They make wonderful companions, but have often had a shaky start in life. When Lily arrived at the shelter she was very scared. Her tail was tucked right between her legs, she was shaking, and she was completely overwhelmed by the environment. After a few days, she started to make friends with some of the other dogs, and now, a few weeks later, Lily is one of the sweetest girls there.

She’s a lovely balance of friendly and affectionate without jumping up for attention, and she is always mindful and respectful of the other dogs’ space. Lily is a gentle and friendly girl. She is happy to be around people and she loves being fussed over when she trusts you. As many hounds can be, she is a little bit reserved initially with strangers, but it doesn’t take long for her to feel comfortable, especially if she can see that other dogs are interacting with said person.

It’s usually only a matter of minutes before she’s coming up to say hi. Lily has no issues at all with other dogs. Since arriving in the shelter she has been integrated into two different compounds with multiple dogs and hasn’t had any problems with any of them. She is friendly with males, females, big dogs and small dogs. She has no issues being a part of a big group of dogs, but she seems to get along better with calmer characters as opposed to boisterous dogs. When she matches another dogs’ energy she plays extremely well with them.

Lily would be best suited to a semi-rural home away from busy roads and lots of noise. Hounds can often be sensitive to overcrowded areas and struggle to relax, so Lily would welcome a more calm setting to call home. She can be adopted alongside other resident dogs happily, but has not been tested with cats. We would suggest children aged 8+ would be best for Lily, and we’re also looking for a home with a garden. Lily is currently based in Cyprus and has a clean bill of health. She is ready to travel once she finds her forever home.

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