9 year old male Poodle cross Terrier available for adoption

Joe is a 9 year old male Poodle cross Terrier. He only weighs 6 kilos being fostered in Gloucestershire in adult home with other dogs and visiting grandchildren. Lovely Joe has recently come into our care after being unclaimed from a UK Pound, we know he had an owner and had been very neglected, his coat has had to be shaved off as in such a state and he is badly underweight.

Joe is such a sweet lovely boy his foster carer has fallen in love with him and hm her, he was such a little anxious dog when he first came in but he is now settling into routine and is another dog there is very little negative to say about him. He has not been let off the lead yet but we think he will be fine; he has spent time up at the secure field and just loved it and he loves his foster mum that much I cannot see him going off but we will test this.

He sleeps upstairs at night and loves to be close but at some time in the night he does get off the bed and settles in his bed. He loves most of all to be near you and have cuddles, he enjoys playing with his toys, he has bonded with his foster mum more than his foster dad and this maybe because of the neglect he suffered at the hands of a man as he was very jumpy and nervous when he first arrived.

He has met quite a few people, grandchildren and is friendly with everyone, fine with other dogs does not take much notice. He is another dog we do not have anything negative to say. His foster carers think he would enjoy teenagers in the garden as he loves playing with his toys with people.

Otherwise, an adult home as we have no history on him but if you had visiting children, we are sure he will be fine as the foster carers have visiting grandchildren and Joe was good as gold. People who have rescued before would be best.

A lovely boy who is unsure at times but slowly getting his confidence, loving life and people he needs a home where people are around as he just adores humans, leaving him for hours would not be fair, he has been left for a few hours now with no issues. Remember to factor in he will need the groomers every couple of months at least with that Poodle coat. Joe will be neutered, vaccinated, chipped, a dental, wormed/fleaed before he leaves our care.

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