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For some cat owners, cuddles come freely, with pet families being bonded almost effortlessly. But in some cases, the cats simply don’t prefer to cuddle or even receive pets, which can make owners feel a bit distant.

It’s important for owners to remember that cats are unique compared to other pets, such as dogs, because they underwent a vastly different domestication. Whereas other animals were controlled more by humans, cats were essentially allowed to coexist in human towns while freely traveling to the wild. Only relatively recently have we felt more inclined to keep our feline friends close and controlled, and they therefore retain some of their primal independence and instincts.

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In order to bond with more independent cats, we’re going to have to engage those primal instincts and meet them on their level. This means yummy food and treats, and maybe even some fun foraging exercises!


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Just like us, cats have their own individual personalities and preferences, so sometimes it might take a bit of experimentation with food and treats of different flavors and textures to figure out your feline friend’s favorites. A fan favorite of over 180 years, Vitakraft offers cat treats for every cat’s personality, including saucy Souprise Snacks, tender Meaty Morsels, chewy Purrsticks, semi-solid Gourmet Jelly Snacks, and the cream-of-the-crop: the Lick ‘n’ Lap Snack Line, which recently expanded to include two new, exciting textures.

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Lick ‘n’ Lap Snacks are creamy, lickable treats designed for handfeeding your cat to bring you closer together. They come packaged in single-serve packets that allow you to easily squeeze out the treat for controlled rewards, whether you let your cat lick straight from the packet, or even off of a plate or your finger. Recently released in new Smooth Jelly, with a gelatin consistency, and Meaty Gravy, with real bits of meat, the low-calorie treats are packed with natural flavors and vital nutrients for your cat’s health and wellbeing.

Vitakraft Cat Treats, including specialist-recommended Lick ‘n’ Lap, are available at in-store retailers including Walmart, Petco, PetSmart, Pet Supplies Plus, and other major pet supply stores and neighborhood pet shops, as well as online at Amazon and Chewy. Go to to learn more about “What Cats Are Really Into,” and to find retail locations near you.

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