Morfeo- 2-3 year old male Pointer available for adoption

Morfeo is a 2-3 year old male Pointer, who has a unique look with the typical Dalmatian dots on his body. He recently arrived in a pound in Northern Spain as a stray dog and is looking for a forever home. Morfeo is handsome and has shown himself to be a wonderful example of the beautiful pointer temperament, gently tolerating all the medical checks and tests carried out, and adapting to change as best he could.

Morfeo is clearly a gentle but very confused and disoriented boy, he doesn’t know what he has done wrong to end up in a cold, damp pound in Spain. When the pound staff approaches him, he does accept affection and attention, but at the moment he seems wary and nervous about what might happen to him. Morfeo is social with other dogs and people, but he has quite a lot of fear.

As a Pointer, we’re sure that given the chance, Morfeo would love the option of a garden to play and explore in, with an active family who enjoys time outdoors walking and going on adventures during all seasons and who is happy to provide him the mental and physical stimulation that he needs to keep him balanced and happy.

Morfeo came to us with no past history, so we have no way of knowing whether life in a home will be new to him. We don’t know what Morfeo’s life looked like before he came to the pound but his reactions suggest it may not have been very happy. Now is the time, things need to change for this gentle boy. He needs to experience the warmth and love of a home and a family and learn that affection and attention can be wonderful.

Morfeo is very sweet-natured, but due to his current situation of living at the pound, he can’t be tested with children, cats, or other small furries. He is a sensitive soul and because of his anxiety, we want that dogs who require more time like himself to be the priority. Therefore we feel a dog-experienced adult-only setup or a home with older children (14+ who are dog experienced) will offer him the best possibility of success and happiness in his new life. He would surely benefit from another confident dog at home, but this isn’t an essential requirement if he has the option to meet, play and interact with other dogs on a daily base.

Morfeo may settle in quickly, or he may take time to learn the rules of a home, and to practice his house training, lead walking, being left, and walking in more built-up areas. If you feel you have the time, commitment, and patience to help him settle and adapt, please get in touch.

Morfeo will travel with his pet passport, vaccinations, tested for Mediterranean diseases and he will be neutered. Morfeo is currently in Spain, but can travel to England or Wales (NOT Scotland) if the right forever home comes forward.

If you are interested in Morfeo we would be happy to hear from you, about your routine, experience with dogs, and why you feel Morfeo is the right addition to your family.

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