Pets Best vs Trupanion: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

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Pets Best and Trupanion cover both dogs and cats, and either one is a great choice for your pet when the time comes for an unexpected vet visit. But which is best for you?

Both companies help skip the paperwork and long waits to review claim submissions and coverage plans. These companies are comparable with high-quality service confirmed by plenty of positive reviews, coverage in limitless areas of your pet’s needs, and affordable and flexible plans. You can also be sure that your insurance won’t increase as your pet ages. Reimbursement and support with these insurance plans are quick, easy, and efficient.

In this article, we’ll be putting these two companies head to head, to see which comes out on top and which is best for your pet.


A Quick Comparison

Company Name Pets Best Trupanion
Pets Covered Cats, dogs Cats, dogs
Types of Plans Accident, Illness, Routine Care General, Wellness
Deductibles Once annually $0–$1,000
Reimbursement Dependent 90%
Additional Perks 24/7 hotline Direct pay, no limits

Brief Overview of Pets Best

Pet's Best

Pets Best is a flexible insurance plan for your dog or cat that covers accidents, illnesses, wellness, and/or routine care plans for your pet. They make it easy with an online app that allows you to submit claims and review your coverage quickly on your mobile device. There is also a 24/7 pet helpline that gives you access to veterinarians at any time, day, or night, to answer your pet questions.

Their website is super helpful with an extensive list of what is covered in your plan. You can also easily request a quote online using the button on their website.

Brief Overview of Trupanion


Trupanion provides complete and full coverage for your cats and dogs with comprehensive and flexible insurance plans. You can skip the paperwork and pay vets or hospitals upfront by submitting claims directly. Their coverage has no payout limit, so you can be sure you’re covered no matter the costs.

Trupanion provides many different options for deductibles and different insurance plans based on your pet’s specific needs. The 24/7 customer service and coverage approval make it an easy and accessible service. With this insurance option, your pet also gets coverage from birth to any age without an increase in costs.


Pets Best vs Trupanion: Plans Available

Pets Best has a list of what is covered with their BestBenefit Accident and Illness plans. Accident and illness coverage includes everything from a broken bone or car accident to cancer and diabetes. It also includes coverage for cancer treatments, hereditary conditions, emergency care, hospitalization, medications, dental, some behavioral coverage, travel, and more.

Trupanion provides medical insurance coverage for dogs and cats for new and unexpected illnesses and injuries, hereditary and congenital conditions, tests, surgeries, hospital stays, medications, supplements, prosthetics, etc.

Both insurance plans do not cover pre-existing conditions, exam fees, taxes when applicable, and non-veterinary prescribed supplements.

Pets Best

BestBenefit Accident and Illness insurance cover accidents, illnesses, medications, and other treatments. Accident Only insurance covers unexpected accidental issues with your pet, like poisoning or swallowing a toy. Routine Care or their BestWellness coverage is an added option for things like shots and teeth cleaning.


Cat insurance from Trupanion covers 90% of your costs with flexible deductibles on illness, injury, tests, and more with one simple plan. Dog insurance also covers 90% of costs with direct-to-vet payment for unexpected illnesses and injuries. This includes hospital stays, tests, medications, surgeries, and more as they arise.

Extra insurance coverage is available for additional treatment methods like acupuncture, naturopathy, and rehabilitation.

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divider-multiprintPets Best vs Trupanion: Reimbursements and Deductibles

Reimbursements and deductibles can be confusing and overwhelming for pet owners. Unfortunately, they are the most important part of understanding pet insurance. It’s crucial to know how much you will be paying out of pocket for any vet or hospital visits, and how much your insurance company will cover for you.

You may have seen a percentage being advertised by different companies, or emphasis placed on quick and easy claim submissions—but what do they mean? Well, reimbursement refers to how much you’ll be paid back after you dish out money for a vet bill. Deductibles are the amount you are expected to pay before your insurance company will cover costs.

Pets Best

Pets Best offers reimbursement based on your dog or cat’s specific needs and what you are comfortable with. For example, do they need accident and illness insurance, or just one of the two? The rates are listed as 70%, 80%, or even up to 90% reimbursement. The deductibles are also based on the custom needs of your pet.


Trupanion works by offering 90% reimbursement no matter the cost of your dog or cat’s bills. There is no limit on the payout from this insurance company. Deductibles at Trupanion work by selecting a flexible plan based on your preferences. You can pay deductibles at once, or over time.

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divider-multiprintPets Best vs Trupanion: Additional Perks

Some pet insurance companies offer more than just accident and/or illness policies for you and your pet. There are additional benefits that go above and beyond the average pet coverage. Some of these include things referring to wellness or routine care practices that could come at a cost.

These methods of rehabilitation or additional wellness plans go above and beyond veterinary care. They are additional perks that can be added to an insurance policy that isn’t necessarily required to ensure the overall health of your pets. Think things like a doggy massage, behavioral classes for a rowdy pup, supplements that are considered holistic, and more along those lines.

Pets Best

Pets Best offers extra coverage for your pet that includes an optional wellness package and routine care. This includes things like routine vet check-ups and others.

Puppy Wellness plans cover things like vaccinations, deworming, microchipping, and other medical expenses while they’re young. Or choose preventative care as an additional insurance plan for things like bloodwork and dental cleaning.


Trupanion includes 90% coverage for extra therapies such as acupuncture for your pet, behavioral modification with a specialist, or homeopathic methods. Additional methods of rehabilitation methods such as therapeutic exercises, hydrotherapy, or natural homeopathy are included as extra coverage options.


Pets Best vs Trupanion: Summary of Pros and Cons

Pets Best provides a simple insurance option for both cats and dogs with an easy-to-navigate website that provides additional resources to understand what insurance does for you as a pet parent. It does, however, feel like you need to talk to a representative to get a good sense of pricing.

Trupanion lets you know time and time again throughout their website that they will cover 90% of your costs with no limit on reimbursements. They stand out with direct-to-vet payouts, so pet owners skip the hassle of paperwork and don’t have to remember to submit claims on time after a visit.

Pets Best

  • 24/7 pet helpline
  • One annual deductible
  • Direct-to-vet payment
  • Mobile app
  • Slow processing time
  • App can be finicky


  • 90% coverage on all claims
  • Direct-to-vet payment
  • 24/7 online support
  • More upfront with costs/coverage
  • Requires set-up fee in some states
  • Not for dogs over 14 years
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divider-pawCompany Verdict: Which One Has the Edge?

Customer Service

Edge: Trupanion

Trupanion has the edge with customer service because they have the option to live chat online. Many people who might be online in the middle of the night would prefer this option. Pets Best seems to only have a phone number, which can be difficult to get in touch with.

Price of Plans

Edge: PetsBest

Pets Best supplies a transparent view of their insurance plans for both dogs and cats, listing a starting price of $9 per month for dogs (averaging between $25 and $58 per month) and $6 per month for cats (with an average between $22 and $46). It provides a comprehensive list of how this can change over time and how a quote is established.

Areas of Coverage

Edge: PetsBest

Pets Best provides a long, comprehensive, and useful list of what is covered in their basic accident and illness insurance plan. They cover a wide array of pet needs and also provide what is either not covered, or what can be covered with extra coverage.


Edge: Trupanion

Trupanion only has the edge on perks because they go one step further than Pets Best with naturopathy and holistic coverage options. These are listed as added insurance features, so they will likely come at an added cost. However, Pets Best has acupuncture and physical therapies included in most of their plans.



We found Pets Best to be the better pet insurance company based on customer service, reliability, transparency, and a feeling of security. It was easy to navigate through their website and abundance of information and resources to figure out what exactly they do and do not cover, as well as how it works.

It seems to appeal to most pet owners who want the basic coverage, but who also want flexibility in their options. With puppy and kitten coverage included as an option at a low rate, it really does seem to cover the lifetime of your pet.

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