Rachel – 5 month old female Cross-Breed available for adoption

Rachel is a 5 month old female Cross-Breed. She is a beautiful pup rescued from Cyprus currently living in a foster home in Benfleet, Essex. Here is a little about her from her foster mum: On Rachel’s first night she was quite anxious and needed comfort and reassurance.

In the end she ended up sleeping on our bed in between us both and she slept very soundly. Since then Rachel has been happy to sleep on the floor in our bedroom. She is a dog that loves and enjoys being with people, bonding to her family very quickly. Rachel is such a loving cuddly girl, a great companion.

She is very smart girl and has already learnt sit, paw, lay down and bed. We are still working on the house training, however, she will use a puppy pad and go on that without issues. She loves her walks and has met cattle and goats and been polite and quietly intrigued. However, at present if we meet joggers or cyclists who are coming straight towards us on a walk this will worry her and she will bark but also wag her tail.

Rachel is living with 4 dogs and 3 cats with no issues. She enjoys antlers and chews and has just discovered the joys of a tennis ball. Rachel is still very much a baby and has so much to learn and experience, but I would say that she has really great inner fountains to develop into a dream of a dog. She really is beautiful inside and out! Rachel has met an 11 and a 14 year old and been great with them, however they were very calm, gentle and respectful of her, giving her the time and the patience that she needed.

She has met younger children and has been scared of them as they frightened her with their quick movements and loud voices. Rachel is a happy, very tail waggy girl who is extremely loving. But she is a pup who isn’t exactly brimming with confidence so she needs people who will help her to grow and shine. She is very easy to love! She has been neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped.

Minimum adoption donation of £375 applies. ADOPTION IS SUBJECT TO A SATISFACTORY APPLICATION AND HOME CHECK. Post adoption support is available from her rescue. Her rescue must be informed at any time of a change in circumstances and their dog returned to one of their volunteers where required. Rachel must never be handed over to any UK Rescue or sold or adopted on without their knowledge. We will always endeavour to rehome our dogs if necessary.

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