Red and Red Fawn French Bulldog: Pictures, Care Guide, Info, and More


The French Bulldog is a beloved breed in America and around the world. As with any other pet breed, you’ll find there are several colors and markings these dogs can present, but among the most popular are the red and red fawn French Bulldogs. Below, we’ll learn more about these amazing dogs, their markings, their history, and how they made their way into our hearts.

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The Earliest Records of Red and Red Fawn French Bulldogs in History

French Bulldogs owe their creation to the ancient Greek clan, the Molossians. While the original dogs differ quite a bit from the bulldogs of today, it was from these dogs today’s breeds descended. Over the years, the English Bulldog was used for a sport known as bull-baiting. By the time the sport was banned, toy bulldogs were all the rage and had become part of many English homes.

By 1850, the toy bulldogs were so beloved in England, that they began appearing on television shows and were quite sought out. When the Industrial Revolution made its way to Normandy, France, so did lacers from England. These workers brought their toy bulldogs. Over time these mini bulldogs mated with terriers and ratter dogs developing a breed similar to the Frenchies we see today. During this time, Frenchies were sent to America to be used for breeding programs to help support the breed in the states.

How Red and Red Fawn French Bulldogs Gained Popularity

The small size of the French Bulldog made them ideal pets once they appeared in France. They were immediately accepted by society and were often seen carried by women of high class. While the original English Bulldog may have been bred for bull-baiting, the banning of anything that caused harm or made something bleed in 1835 changed all this.

From that time on the English and the smaller French Bulldog were seen as family pets and companion dogs. Once these dogs made their way to America, their popularity truly took off. In 1885, these dogs were used to set up a breeding program in the United States. Shortly after, society ladies began bringing their pets with them when they would visit dog shows like the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in 1896. Now, many people seek “Frenchies” to make part of their family including those with accepted AKC colors and those without.

Formal Recognition of Red and Red Fawn French Bulldogs

The French Bulldog was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1898. Red and red fawn-colored Frenchies are considered acceptable by the club. Other colors of Frenchies recognized by the AKC include brindle, brindle & white, cream, fawn & white, fawn brindle & white, white, white & brindle, and white & fawn.

Top 3 Unique Facts About Red and Red Fawn French Bulldogs

1. Red fawn French Bulldogs most registered colors

Red fawn French Bulldogs are one of the most official and registered colors of this breed. Unfortunately, there are certain colors like blue fawn, which the AKC does not accept as a breed standard.

2. Fawn can include several colors

Fawn can include several colors but red fawn is considered the deeper color with red tones. Still, light variations of red and red fawn are accepted as part of the breed standard. Red fawn and red Frenchies are the same with red fawn Frenchies having an ashy shine to their coat.

3. The color standards were set in 1911

The color standards for French Bulldogs were set and accepted in 1911 by the American Kennel Club and remain the same today.

Do Red and Red Fawn French Bulldogs Make Good Pets?

Red or red fawn French Bulldogs make great pets for any home. They are a loving, docile breed that requires lots of love and affection. You’ll also find they require extra care. A Frenchie needs its folds cleaned regularly and bathed often due to the breed’s issues with sensitive skin. They also require minimal exercise and should be watched closely for obesity issues. Frenchies are also prone to allergies and many illnesses so having a trusted veterinarian and routine checkups are a must.

Potential health issues your Frenchie may face:

  • Allergies
  • Alopecia
  • Canine Follicular Dysplasia
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Hemivertebrae
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease



As you can see, red and red fawn French Bulldogs are not only a beautiful dog breed but one with a rich history. These little dogs can make amazing pets for homes with lots of love to give. If you decide to bring a Frenchie of any color into your home, be prepared to keep them well groomed and in good health. This will keep your French Bulldog by your side for many years.

Featured Image Credit: Maximilian100, Shutterstock

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