Top Ranked Drums YouTube Channels and Videos

With millions of videos online, plenty of them focus on music and the art of playing. Some of the drums videos that you can watch on YouTube cover everything from product reviews, techniques, lessons and much more.

You’ll find videos of drummers from a wide variety of genres, including rock, metal, and classical. With millions of instrumental videos online, it’s simply a matter of searching for what you like most.

Top Ranked Drums YouTube Channels

With millions of new videos goes live daily, it can tough to find the exact ones you are looking for. To make the process a whole lot easier, we’ve listed some of the top ranked drums YouTube channels below. Be sure to visit each, as new videos are added often.

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Channel info – I’m Casey Cooper, a 30 year old drummer and content creator based out of Atlanta, Georgia. I create all sorts of videos showcasing performances, drum covers, products, education, and entertainment.

I Proudly Play:
Pearl Drums
Zildjian Cymbals
Vic Firth Sticks
Evans Drumheads
Earthworks Microphones
Focusrite Audio Interfaces/Preamps

Since –  Nov, 2007

2. Drumeo

Channel info – The world’s largest collection of free drum lesson videos!

Since –  Jul, 2007

3. Matt McGuire

Channel info – Matt McGuire – 26 Years Old
Drummer & Musical Director for The Chainsmokers

Since –  May, 2012

4. Meytalll

Channel info – Drumming Up A Better Tomorrow


Let’s keep in touch! ►
Merch on Meytalshop ►
Wanna buy me a coffee? ►


Since –  Aug, 2007

5. Kristina Schiano

Channel info – Welcome to the official Kristina Schiano YouTube channel!

Hey Everyone! On this channel you will find my music, covers, collabs, live sets, medleys, behind the scenes footage, vlogs, Q&A videos, and so much more. I hope you enjoy!
WARNING…you will leave feeling happy and inspired. Watch at your own risk~Love you all!

Brooklyn, NY

Since –  Sep, 2007

6. Sina-drums

Channel info – I started this channel back in 2013 with drum covers. My favorite genre is Classic Rock and that reflects in the choice of covers, although I always touched some other genres, too. Like Prog Rock, Metal, Funk, Beat, Disco, whatever you might wanna call it.

Now this is important: Although I’m still launching Classic Rock drum covers up to this day, our musicians’ network YourSoundTube started featuring up-and-coming talents from all around the globe, recording classic songs from scratch, using the talents of young artists and experienced musicians alike. My worldwide collaborations include 3 Original Albums (Chi Might Project) which I launched in 2016, 2018, and 2020.

This channel is not about being the fastest drummer on the planet but it’s all about supporting one another. Music is supposed to bring people together, not dividing them. I would like to thank everyone who supported this channel so far. I will do my best to use my channel to the benefit of my collaborators, too.

Since –  Sep, 2013

7. Cobus

Channel info – I love music.
I love playing drums.
I also love cheese (a lot).

I started making drumming videos more than 15 years ago. People seem to like it a lot and that still surprises me. I am incredibly thankful that I have a YouTube channel with such big numbers on it. I am a normal dude from a small town in South Africa and I’m just trying to pursue the things that I am passionate about, while connecting with people the world over. Connection over attention, always.

But seriously, though: cheese. I like it. A lot.

Since –  Aug, 2006

8. Luke Holland Drums

Channel info – 🥁🥁🥁🥁

Since –  Jul, 2009

9. Vic Firth

Channel info – At Vic Firth, we know you’re passionate about the world of percussion. So are we! As drummers and percussionists, we share our musical ideas and celebrate each other’s playing every day. That’s why we’re sharing our video library with you! Check out exclusive interviews, lessons and performances from your favorite drumset, concert and marching artists! Browse. Share. Learn. Enjoy!

Since –  Dec, 2007

10. Stephen Taylor

Channel info – Hey there. I’m Stephen Taylor. I run an online drum school at, an online drum lesson system to meet your specific needs. Former Universal Records recording artist. This channel was featured in the October 2013 issue of DRUM! Magazine. I endorse Zildjian Cymbals, Tama drums, Vic Firth Drumsticks, Aquarian Drum Heads, Alclair in ear monitors, & Drum Dial.


or feel free to email me at

My Gear:
Tama Starclassic Bubinga Exotix Drums
Vic Firth 5A sticks
Aquarian Coated Hi-Velocity on snare batter, Classic Clear on snare reso, Response 2 on tom batters, Classic Clear on tom reso, Ebony Regulator on kick reso, Super Kick 10 on kick batter
All Zildjian Cymbals
Alclair In Ear Monitors

Since –  May, 2010

11. Brooke C

Channel info – Playin along to some of my favorite songs on here! Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to subscribe to see more drum covers!!!🤘🏼
Add me on Instagram!! @rockangel_
Proudly endorse:
Predator Percussion
Meinl Cymbals

Since –  Dec, 2014

12. Rdavidr

Channel info – David Raouf
Richmond, Va

Drum tips, tricks, hacks, and DIY projects.

Since –  Mar, 2006

13. Mike Johnston

Channel info – Mike Johnston is the owner of

Mike’s endorsements include:
Gretsch drums, Vic Firth drumsticks, Meinl Cymbals, Aquarian Drumheads, Yamaha electronics

Mike has toured the US and Europe with
Hollywood Recording artists Simon Says and Warner Brothers Recording artists FILTER.

Since –  Mar, 2006


Channel info – World Drum Club presents music lessons, tutorials, instrument demonstrations, rhythms for drumming, musical examples, and features popular instruments, such as congas, bongos, djembe, dundun, darbuka (doumbek), and hand percussion (shakers, cowbell, agogo, claves, and more). World Drum Club helps music educators tap into the music of the Caribbean, Brazil, West Africa, and beyond, offering useful information to bring more world drumming into the classroom. Help support this channel and get more at
Kalani is a professional percussionist and multi-instrumentalist, Orff-Certified music educator, and board-certified music therapist (MT-BC).
#worlddrumming, #drumming, #musiceducation, #worldrhythms, #classroom, #handpercussion, #musicmindfulness

Since –  Dec, 2015

15. Vadrum

Channel info – Official drum video channel for Italian drummer and producer Andrea Vadrucci (Vadrum).
Drums, drumming, music experiments, projects…and a lot of fun! 😀

Full biography, links, news and updates at:
Thanks for watching and subscribe for more!

Since –  Aug, 2006

16. Adrien Drums

Channel info – Adrien, French drummer from Paris!

For any business demand (Studio, Live, Education, Demonstration…) :

For any info about me or my material :

Since –  Dec, 2011

17. Drum Channel

Channel info – Don Lombardi (founder of DW Drums) created to offer proven teaching methods from legendary instructors. Thomas Lang, Terry Bozzio, Gregg Bissonette and Chad Wackerman are featured in the “DC Academy” with their step-by-step lessons.

And there are over 100 instructors in Courses and Masterclasses where you can chose any topic from beginner to advanced. DC Originals are over 400 shows, that’s another fun way to learn.

There is something for everyone. Join Neil Peart, Chad Smith, Sheila E., Charlie Watts, Thomas Pridgen, Mick Fleetwood, Stewart Copeland, Aaron Spears, Taylor Hawkins, and Queen Cora, to name a few. There is new content every week.

📚 DC ACADEMY – Learn from Legends week by week.

🔓 COURSES – Select A Topic and great teachers will share their knowledge with you.

💡 MASTERCLASSES – Select a Teacher and discover the secrets of their success.

🎥 ORIGINALS – DC Shows are another fun way to learn.

📺 DCTV – 24/7 stream of shows, interviews, and concerts.

Since –  Mar, 2008

18. Troy Wright

Channel info – Drum Covers, Lessons, Drumming Transcripts

Since –  Sep, 2010

19. Dylan Taylor

Channel info – Introducing my latest musical endeavor as a DJ + Drummer Performance! Transitioning from the world of drum remixes, I have been working on a live performance where I can bring the energy of my videos to life and in front of you. Filled with original content and popular remixes, I will be performing a live DJ set combined with drum performances that will blow your mind!

Booking Inquiries:

Since –  Sep, 2011


Channel info – Hi, I’m Rob and I’m the drummer behind

The website was set up back in 2007 with the intention of showing drummers how to play their favourite songs and sound just like their drumming heroes.

On this YouTube channel you will find 100’s of free video drum lessons as well as previews for my “Full-Song” video drum lessons available over on my website.

Thanks for stopping by and happy drumming to you!

– Rob (

Since –  Dec, 2008

21. The 80/20 Drummer

Channel info – Http://

The 80/20 Drummer is a resource dedicated to teaching good drummers to be great.

Since –  Mar, 2013

22. 180 DRUMS

Channel info – Online Video Tutorial Drum Lessons. Real Pro’s, Real Education, Real Results.

Since –  Aug, 2014

23. Remo Inc.

Channel info – Remo, Inc. is the world leader in the innovation, design, production, sales and distribution of drumheads to individuals participating in all genres of percussion.

Remo continues to foster the expansion and acceptance of individual and group drumming to the general public in the form of recreational drumming activities, therapeutic and medical drumming applications as well as classroom participation in the general and special education settings.

Connecting with multiple segments of society, including professional musicians, social, medical and educational environments, we are focused on developing and delivering quality accessories, instruments and programs for use in addressing all levels and aspects of global drumming activities.

Since –  Mar, 2007

24. E7 Music School

Channel info – Here at E7 Music School we have multiple talented teachers offering in depth videos, and live lessons for all ages and skill levels, and for all instruments.

Since –  Dec, 2015

25. Jeremy Davis

Channel info – What’s up everyone! Thanks for checking out my channel. My name is Jeremy Davis and I am a Drummer / Producer / Videographer from Columbia, South Carolina.

Any sponsorship opportunities or professional inquiries can contact me at:

Since –  Jun, 2010

26. Alex Ribchester

Channel info – Welome to my channel. Dedicated to delivering free drum lessons for players of all standards. I’m trying to give the videos a fun and casual vibe for everyone to enjoy!

Since –  Jul, 2010

27. The DrumHouse


The DrumHouse is one of the biggest database of free drum lessons, interviews, live performances, drum solos and any drum related content that you can find on Youtube! Share, comment, like and mostly ENJOY the videos!

Since –  Mar, 2011

28. Phil Johnston

Channel info – Drums are fun and so should you!

Since –  Feb, 2009

29. The Drum Coaches

Channel info –

Since –  Jul, 2013

30. Steve Tocco

Channel info – Hello! I am a weekend warrior/hobbyist drummer and I love to play all kinds of music.

My channel is a little different than others because of the range of music genres I cover — Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Progressive Rock, Fusion, Metal, Traditional Jazz, Modern Jazz, Latin Jazz, Big Band Jazz, Blues, R&B, Pop, New Country, Latin Afro Cuban, Salsa plus a bunch of play-along tracks. I have some other fun videos telling funny gig stories and a series of tongue-in-cheek “instructional videos” called, How Not To Play The Drums. I also have a few piano covers as well.

I’m just having fun playing drums and sharing music that I love.

If you’d like to support my channel please go to my Patreon account:

Thanks for watching!

~Steve Tocco (toe-co)

Since –  Jun, 2010

31. Modern Drummer Official

Channel info – The official YouTube channel of Modern Drummer Magazine. Subscribe to Modern Drummer’s YouTube Channel to see drum legends videos, up and coming drum stars, weekly podcasts featuring guest drummers, MD Festival performances, contest entries, and so much more. Modern Drummer is the heartbeat of all things drums and percussion since 1977!

Since –  Nov, 2019

32. GoAndPractice

Channel info – Alec Tackmann

Since –  Dec, 2008

33. Max D Drummer Documentary

Channel info – **Drummer **Max is a 13 year old boy with autism. This Channel is a documentary of his music life. This journey started at the end of March 2019. He was 10 years old.

Max has been recognized two times by local TV News programs. On August 28th, 2019 on Good Day Sacramento, and on December 12th, 2019 on KXTV ABC News 10 in Sacramento.

Since –  Aug, 2013

34. Tharapz Videos

Channel info – Hello everyone, and welcome! My name is Tharapz. I hail from Northern Norway and I play the drums. I started playing drums around 1999-2000 when I was 9 or 10 years old. I upload new videos every Monday, be it drum covers, vlogs, drum projects or something completely random. I hope you find my content worthy of your time, as I love to entertain people. I hope to earn your subscription.

I will also record drums for your songs. For now, I charge $20 for one song. Message me on my Facebook page, and we’ll come to an agreement!

Since –  Mar, 2017

35. Joey Marcello

Channel info – Have a nice day.

Since –  May, 2015

36. Praha Drums Official

Channel info – Drum lessons and cover videos with “real-time” on-screen notation. Playing along and teaching some of my favorite songs, maybe some of yours too!

Since –  Jan, 2019

37. Jacob Wright Drums

Channel info – Drums

Since –  Jun, 2019

38. Carol B Drum Lessons

Channel info – Offering Private Drum Lessons in the Metro Detroit Area Teaching Snare Drum and Drum Set Technique.

Drumming has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. I started playing drums about 8 years old with the school band. I have been playing professionally and teaching since 17.

This channel is a collection of songs and drum technique I have work on to master and play over the years. I will be continuing to add new videos to this channel.

I have always enjoyed a challenge learning new songs and pushing my drumming abilities. With all the years of playing professionally I have learned too many songs to count. I want to share some of my drumming techniques and creative ideas with the songs and artists that have inspired me over the years. As a teacher my focus is to inspire other drummers to learn how to play drums.

Thank you all so much for your Likes, Shares and Comments.

Enjoy watching and Rock On Drummers !!

Carol B

Since –  Oct, 2011

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